Air Partner and Antonov Team up to Successfully Transport Oversized Aero Engine and AOG Components to Remote Island

Air Partner, the world’s leading aviation service group, provided an urgent solution for chartering AOG cargo to move an oversized aircraft engine and critical tools to a remote island in the Azores.

This ambitious venture used an Antonov AN-124 and a Boeing 747 Freighter to transport a replacement aircraft engine, an empty stand, tools, a lifting beam and a 48-ton mobile crane to move the high-performance and oversized aircraft engine in and out. to load and unload. of the AN-124 cargo cabin.

Air Partner offers creative solutions for cargo projects of all sizes and has a 24/7 support team to answer urgent questions. Aircraft access can be organized for partial or full charter services with small jets to oversized cargo suitable for Antonov aircraft.

This complicated logistical challenge took weeks to plan, four days to execute, and required close collaboration between Air Partner’s UK and US offices. These charter flights between airports in Miami, Luxembourg, the Azores and London also include the deployment of Air Partner personnel to oversee all aspects of the on-site loading and unloading process at each location.

The Antonov AN-124 aircraft was selected to better facilitate the oversized load and, as a self-loading aircraft, to circumvent the remote destination’s smaller load capabilities.

A B747-F was used to transport the usable engine from Miami to Luxembourg. The cargo was then loaded onto an AN-124 for transport to the Azores. A 48-ton mobile crane was purchased and also loaded onto the AN-124, along with a driver and rigger, due to the unconfirmed availability of suitable mobile lifting equipment on the island. This was a value added solution to provide capacity for loading and unloading the aircraft, as well as assisting in the lifting and installation of various engine components on the AOG aircraft.

After the successful operation, the AN-124 was flown to Stansted Airport with the inoperable engine, empty stand and mobile crane on board. The mobile crane was returned to base in the EU and the unusable engine and equipment were trucked to Amsterdam for onward scheduled flights.

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About Air Partner Group, a Wheels Up company

Founded in 1961, Air Partner Group is a world-leading international aviation services group providing aircraft charter, aviation safety and security solutions and managed services to industry, commerce, governments and individuals, as well as civil and military organizations.

The Air Partner Group has two divisions: Air Partner Charter and Air Partner Services (formerly Safety & Security). Air Partner Charter consists of group charters, private jets, cargo and specialized services. Group Charter charters large aircraft to transport groups of all sizes. Private Jets offers the company’s unique prepaid JetCard scheme and on-demand charter for up to 19 people. Cargo charters aircraft of all sizes to carry almost any cargo anywhere, anytime.

Air Partner Services includes Baines Simmons, Redline Assured Security Ltd, Air Partner CHS, Kenyon International Emergency Services and Managed Services. Baines Simmons offers aviation safety management and fatigue risk management. Redline Assured Security provides government standard security training, consultancy and solutions for regulated, high-risk and high-risk environments. Kenyon International Emergency Services is a global leader in emergency planning and incident response. Air Partner CHS specializes in conditioning monitoring solutions that predict and prevent the failure of electromechanical systems.

Air Partner works with climate and development experts, Climate Impact Partners, to enable customers to offset carbon emissions in support of projects that not only reduce carbon, but also alleviate poverty and improve lives.

Air Partner Limited is a company of Wheels Up, the leading provider of on-demand private aviation in the US and one of the largest private aviation companies in the world. Headquartered in New York City, Wheels Up operates in 25 locations across three continents and employs 2,700 professionals worldwide. Air Partner Group is ISO 9001:2015 compliant for solutions for commercial airlines and private jets worldwide.

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