Ashdod Port Adds New STS Cranes

The Port of Ashdod has taken delivery of five semi-automatic Ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to ease congestion at the facilities and increase the port’s competitiveness in the supply chain.

The NIS 208 million ($62 million) cranes are equipped with advanced technology to aid in unloading and loading and will be installed in the new container terminal as part of the port’s investment in the renovation of Pier 21.

The equipment is produced by the Chinese manufacturer ZPMC and adapted to work with megaships with a capacity of up to 24,000 TEU.

The cranes are 140.6 meters high with an arm length of 71 meters. They are adapted to work with 62 meter wide vessels carrying approximately 24 rows of containers.

The new STS equipment can lift loads with a total weight of up to 95 tons using a special hook. Each of the cranes is equipped with a TANDEM hoisting device with which two full 40-foot containers with a total weight of 80 tons can be removed.

The camera and laser systems installed on the cranes allow for remote operation, while a TOS system also enables semi-automated operations.

The cranes were shipped from China in early February and are expected to be fully operational by September next year.

Shiko Janna, CEO of the Port of Ashdod, said the new equipment will help the port ease congestion caused by the outbreak of the pandemic and promote technology improvements for faster and more efficient management.

The Ashdod Port Company reported impressive financial results despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis – with a 142 percent increase in operating income in 2021 and record container throughput.

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