Gather AI Launches Dashboard Inventory Actions at ProMat to Help Customers More Efficiently Resolve Inventory Discrepancies

Founded in 2018, Pittsburgh-based Gather AI is now the first established company to use drones to automate inventory monitoring processes for warehouse managers to reduce inventory costs, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Gather AI’s solution allows inventory drones to fly through a warehouse, photograph pallet locations and then compare the barcodes, text and images against the warehouse management system (WMS).

The Gather AI solution dashboard helps warehouse teams find and resolve inventory exceptions. They can view a list of exceptions on their dashboard, browse through each exception, view the image of the exceptions pallet location and determine what to do next, including capturing the information in their WMS. All this can be done at their desk instead of walking through their warehouse. The new inventory action feature allows teams to categorize specific actions to perform and filter them to create their “to-do” list.

Inventory actions help teams improve productivity and track what has been corrected so they know when an exception has been resolved. Gather AI’s product is deployed in warehouses in third-party logistics, retail distribution, manufacturing, food and beverage, and health and beauty.

By 2022, Gather AI raised $10 million Series A, found 25,000 lost pallets for customers, and scanned 8x more pallets than in 2021. Plus, according to customer data, their solution is 15x faster than traditional cycle counting processes.
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