Lucas Systems Announces New Warehouse Technology To Serve A Gen Z Workforce

Distribution center technology provider Lucas Systems today announced the rollout of new technologies that promise productivity, comfort and ease of use for a Gen Z warehouse workforce of the future.

The technologies – built to serve the new “iGeneration” of employees born between 1997 and 2012 – promise to reduce employee stress, provide a less physically demanding work experience and assist workplace supervisors by providing the tools needed to be more flexible. are. New technologies include:

  • An all-new management console for supervisors which provides leadership with a high level of flexibility and agility to customize data, dashboards and analytics specific to their operation and needs. Supervisors and managers can get actionable information in a way that is easy to understand and use through fully customizable consoles.
  • Improvements in reducing employee travel. Lucas Systems’ new algorithms and smart machine learning help workers take up to 50% fewer steps in the warehouse by showing them the optimal path to navigate. This is a relief for physically stressed employees on the floor, as they can often walk 5 to 10 miles in just one day.
  • Option for floor staff to use the smallest wearables for scanning. Lucas Systems has certified its voice-enabled optimization suite, Jennifer, to run on a Zebra WS50, the world’s smallest enterprise-class Android all-in-one portable mobile computer.

These solutions and other insights around technology training, warehouse environments and new methods of division of labor are the result of Lucas Systems in-depth interviews with warehouse workers and a commissioned survey of 500 US warehouse workers nationwide. The survey examined employees’ relationship with technology, as well as their fears, expectations and perceptions about their day-to-day jobs.

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Additional insights released today in the Lucas Systems guide, Compete for the warehouse staff of the future, along with recommendations for attracting and retaining future employees with unique attitudes toward loyalty, work-life balance, and workplace satisfaction. One insight is that a majority of Gen Z workers (73%) say robots will help them achieve greater accuracy and speed in their work.

Ramoutar says Lucas Systems’ recent technological advances and its research insights are a warning to warehouse managers unwilling to adapt and change.

About Lucas Systems

Lucas systems helps companies transform their distribution center by dramatically increasing employee productivity, operational flexibility, and customer and employee satisfaction use voice And AI optimization technologies.


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