Qatar Airways Cargo Partners with iNOMAD, an all-in-one Air Cargo Platform 

With this partnership, customers in South Korea will gain more insight into rates and capacity when booking their shipments with Qatar Airways Cargo.

The world’s largest air cargo carrier has partnered with iNOMAD, a Korea-based advanced air cargo platform.

The partnership with iNOMAD will enable better connectivity for one of the airline’s largest customers in South Korea, Woojung Air, and will also help the airline expand its footprint in South Korea as SMEs working with Woojung Air expand the offerings from Qatar Airways Cargo on the iNOMAD portal. Woojung Air is a prominent consolidator in South Korea and one of Qatar Airways Cargo’s largest customers.

iNOMAD is an air cargo platform, based in Korea, with an advanced logistics system developed by its own software development team and air logistics experts. They designed the system to send and receive information from logistics-related service providers and main loaders, including airlines. As the first company to connect API (application program interface) with airlines in Northeast Asia, the platform works as an online all-in-one portal that offers air cargo bookings, fares, schedules, tracking, etc. The company has rapidly expanded to Hong Kong ( established in 2022) and Vietnam (to be launched in 2024).

iNOMAD signed an MOU with Cello Square of Samsung SDS in June 2022 to build its customer base by presenting competitive rates. In addition, iNOMAD now expects the opening of a 20,000 square meter logistics center in September 2023 as an air cargo platform terminal at Incheon International Airport, one of the most active airports in the world, which would be a milestone in the development of a smart logistics system. The logistics center will be equipped with various smart devices and security X-ray inspection system to provide safe and advanced logistics services.

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In 2022, Qatar Airways launched Cargo Digital Lounge, a premium booking experience that offers its customers a much more connected experience. Qatar Airways Cargo will take this booking experience to the next level with more focused improvements related to clear operational strategies to complete cargo’s journey to its final destination. In addition to its own booking platform, Digital Lounge, the airline also partners with a number of connected marketplaces to provide its customers with live access to capacity.

Qatar Airways Cargo’s Next Generation strategy includes a complete shift in business mindset, a new innovative approach to air freight, developing and attracting new talent and tapping the digital potential for an optimal user experience, as well as the transparency, the ease and speed that digitization brings. With this approach, Qatar Airways Cargo defines its role in the air cargo industry.

About Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo, the world’s largest international cargo carrier, is based in Doha, Qatar. It serves a global network of more than 70 cargo destinations and 150 passenger destinations using cargo ships, belly hold passenger flights, passenger cargo ships and mini cargo ships. The airline’s freighter fleet includes two Boeing 747-8 freighters, two Boeing 747-400 freighters, 26 Boeing 777 freighters and an Airbus 310 freighter. It also has an extensive Road Feeder Service (RFS) network.

With significant investments in its products, services, quality handling, infrastructure, facilities, people and procedures at each of its destinations, the freight forwarder provides high operational standards for the transportation of cargo. Qatar Airways Cargo remains committed to sustainability and giving back to communities it serves through its WeQare sustainability program, built on the key pillars of sustainability: environment, society, economy and culture.


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