Research from Gartner® Predicts the Rise of Multiagent Orchestration Platforms to Direct Warehouse Robot Fleets

Businesses need an orchestration capability that can assign work to the right robots based on near real-time information and characteristics of the activity

A recent Gartner® report predicts that “by 2026, more than 50% of companies deploying intralogistics robots in the warehouse will have a multi-agent orchestration platform.” Multiagent orchestration platforms act as intelligent middleware that integrates and orchestrates the work between different business applications, heterogeneous fleets of operational robots and other automated agents such as doors or elevators within the four walls of a warehouse or distribution center.

GreyMatter™, from the leader in automated fulfillment GreyOrange, coordinates and assigns the work activities of warehouse robots to maximize productivity, speed, accuracy and safety in end-to-end inventory handling. GreyMatter matches robot agents based on work needs, including capacity and peak demand, for seamless inventory.

GreyOrange recently announced an open API (Application Programming Interface) for GreyMatter that allows any certified vendor’s robotic solution to seamlessly connect to its fulfillment orchestration platform, giving customers the freedom to choose the technology that best suits their warehouse environment.

The open API integration with GreyMatter echoes research from the Gartner report, “Predicts 2023: Supply Chain Technology,” published by Dwight Klappich, Christian Titze, Tim Payne, Amber Salley, and Simon Tunstall:

Read the full report, compliments of GreyOrangehere.

Under the API, hardware manufacturers can easily integrate GreyMatter to orchestrate their autonomous mobile robots (AMR) fleets and other execution agents at customer premises by joining leading hardware vendors such as HAI Robotics, Fetch Robotics (now Zebra), Mushiny Intelligence , Technica International , Vicarious and Youi Robotics, and others already part of it GreyOrange‘s certified forest rangerTM Network (CRN) ecosystem.

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In the report, Dwight Klappich describes that:

  • In a survey conducted with Peerless Research Group, when current robot users were asked if they were planning to expand their robot fleet, 86% of respondents said yes.
  • Also, 96% of current robot users said they plan to expand their use of robotics into new use cases.
  • For companies that have already invested in robotics, the vast majority said they will expand their robotics fleets and look for new use cases.

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