Sailing the Seas or Soaring the Skies: A Comprehensive Look at Ocean Freight vs Air Freight Shipping for Your Business

Complexity and congestion in the supply chain are at an all-time high today. Therefore, it is essential to a company’s success to choose the most suitable freight alternative. Air freight and sea freight are both viable options for overseas shipments. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Your company’s specific circumstances and objectives determine the most effective freight strategy.

Freight is the largest cost in most supply chains. Businesses need to consider how freight and associated hidden costs affect their bottom line. Importers in the modern, globalized economy must try to save as much as possible on both transport costs and delivery times. What mode of transportation should a company choose when there are so many to choose from, including air, road, train and sea? Keep reading to find out what ocean freight and air freight are and the main benefits of both.

Sea freight: what is it and what are the benefits?

Planning the transportation of cargo by means of ships is called sea freight. The cargo company packs the items in metal containers and loads them onto the ship. The average container capacity of a cargo ship is approximately 18,000. This alone makes maritime transport a cost-effective method of transporting colossal cargo.

  • Sea freight is often the most cost effective option compared to air freight

Budget constraints are one of the main drivers for SMEs to opt for ocean freight forwarding services. For long distance shipments, air freight can be costly. In most cases, sea shipping is the most cost-effective method of transporting heavier items across distant locations.

  • Sea freight is the ideal choice for large cargo

Shipping by air is too expensive for heavy cargo. That is why most people choose sea freight. Ocean freight rates can be affected by weight, but the dimensions of shipping containers usually determine how much it costs. Standard container lengths range from 20 feet to 40 feet to 45 feet. They can only carry a certain weight due to the specific dimensions of the containers.

  • Low environmental impact and lower carbon footprint

The environmental impact of trucking is a legitimate concern for many business owners. Particularly in the future, strict regulations may be necessary to manage the impact of freight transport on environmental issues, particularly when it comes to the use of roads and aircraft. Unlike the other two options, sea freight has a much lower carbon footprint.

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Air freight: what is it and what are the benefits?

Air parcel delivery is the transportation of items via an air freight service. Small, medium and large businesses that want to stay competitive can consider air freight delivery as an excellent shipping choice. This shipping method not only provides reliable delivery times, but also simplifies the process to increase consumer loyalty. When importing or exporting items, the legal and compliance requirements of each country must be considered. PEO Services can handle these aspects for your company. Professional Global PEOs can manage the paperwork and procedures associated with the overseas shipment.

  • The fastest shipping option

Congestion in ports is a major problem which has made ocean freight extremely slow in recent years. Air freight services are the most incredible option if you need to get your shipment to its final destination quickly. This saves a lot of time compared to ocean or road travel.

  • Strong security measures taken

Security issues are quite severe in the aviation industry. This means that it can prevent theft and damage during transportation. Cargo handling at the airport follows a set of specific protocols. The airport authority strictly enforces these rules at all times.

  • Transport status monitoring capacity

Many companies that specialize in shipping goods by air allow you to track your shipment through a web-based tracking system. This allows you to track shipments from departure to delivery.

It comes down to

Aligning your company’s needs with the benefits of air or sea freight can help you make the best decision. Your attention can be divided between the two alternatives. In this case, you should consider the pros and cons of each option to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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