Transport Pro Integration Expedites Data-Driven Spot Quoting for Circle Logistics

Transport Pro equips Circle with freight information, provides carrier insights and a faster, more efficient quoting and bidding process.

Circle Logistics, one of the fastest growing private logistics providers, today announced that its team is now tracking all spot quotes using Transport Pro’s quoting tools. shippers successful, on-time deliveries. Using Transport Pro’s quote dashboard, Circle can capture gains and losses over time, resulting in a market-to-market report on lanes that the team quotes and wins.

Transport Pro’s quoting tools have enhanced the Circle team’s overall strategy by leveraging insights from aggregated data on specific lanes and corresponding carriers that have delivered successfully in the past. Instead of bidding on every lane, the team now bids on the loads that the carrier and shipper have ready for success based on the lane density of Circle’s carrier network.

In addition to using new technology, the Circle team uses the quoting and bidding process to understand how shippers analyze their rates and to teach shippers why Circle is bidding on specific lanes. Circle’s goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience for both shippers and carriers, so this strategy serves as an additional opportunity to communicate with shippers and carriers to educate them about the team’s data-driven process.

With market conditions fading away, Transport Pro is enabling the Circle team to improve its quoting strategy. By leveraging market data and historical data, the Circle team has been empowered to know with confidence when to set a rate or continue negotiating. That’s why Circle Transport Pro’s quoting tools help the team win customers with capacity-based pricing tools.

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